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Which is better 304 inox plate or 316 inox plate?

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Which is better 304 inox plate or 316 inox plate?

Both 316 inox plate and 304 inox plate are austenitic stainless steels ,which have good rust resistance and corrosion resistance. 316 inox plate and 304 inox plate (after surface polishing) are widely used in food-grade equipment, machinery and appliances, such as food and drug processing equipment, medical equipment, thermos cups, children's tableware and so on.


What are the characteristics of 304 inox plate?

What are the characteristics of 316 inox plate?

What is the difference between 304 inox plate and 316 inox plate?


What are the characteristics of 304 inox plate?

1.304 inox plate has beautiful surface and diversified use possibilities.

2.Good corrosion resistance, long-term durability and better corrosion resistance than ordinary steel.

3.The strength is high, so the possibility of using thin plates is great.

4.High temperature oxidation resistance and high strength, so it can resist fire.

5.Processing at normal temperature means easy plastic processing.

6.Clean, with high finish.

7.Good welding performance.

8.Because surface treatment is unnecessary, it is simple and easy to maintain.


What are the characteristics of 316 inox plate?

1.It has excellent corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength, and can be used under harsh conditions.

2.Excellent high temperature strength.

3.Solid solution is nonmagnetic.

4.Cold-rolled products have good glossiness and beautiful appearance.

5.Compared with 304 stainless steel, the price is higher.


What is the difference between 304 inox plate and 316 inox plate?

The main difference between 316 inox plate and 304 inox plate in chemical composition is that 316 inox plate contains Mo, and it is generally accepted that 316 inox plate has better corrosion resistance than 304 inox plate in high temperature environment. Therefore, in high temperature environment, engineers usually choose 316 inox plate material parts. But the so-called absolute, in the concentrated sulfuric acid environment, no matter how high the temperature, don't use 316 inox plate! Otherwise, it will be a big deal.

Everyone who studies mechanics has studied threads, but remember that in order to prevent threads from being killed at high temperature, a black solid lubricant needs to be applied: molybdenum disulfide, from which two conclusions can be drawn:

1. Mo is indeed a high temperature resistant substance.

2. Molybdenum can easily react with high valence sulfur ions to form sulfide. Therefore, no stainless steel is super invincible and corrosion resistant.

In the final analysis, stainless steel is a piece of steel with more impurities, which can react with other substances.


When the corrosion resistance is not high, 304 inox plate is better, because the unit price of 304 inox plate is lower than that of 316 inox plate. The 316 inox plate is better when the use scene requires high resistance to chloride ion corrosion and heat resistance, because the 316L inox plate contains Molybdenum (mo), and the carbide formed by it is extremely stable, which can prevent austenite from growing when heated and reduce the overheating sensitivity of steel. In a word, which is better, 316 stainless steel or 304 inox plate, we need to comprehensively consider the requirements of the actual use scene, in order to be reliable, durable and cost-effective.

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