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3 types of stainless steel plate

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3 types of stainless steel plate

The stainless steel plates can be provided in a dull or satin finish with a protective coating on one side. The most common stainless steel grades are 201,304,316 and 430. 304 stainless steel plate and 304 stainless steel plate are the most commonly used grades because they are cheaper, highly versatile and provide corrosion resistance.


What are the 3 types of stainless steel plates?

What's the difference between 3 types of stainless steel plates?

What are the precautions for 3 types of stainless steel plates?


What are the 3 types of stainless steel plates?

These three types of stainless steel plates are Austenitic stainless steel plates,Martensitic stainless steel plates,and Duplex stainless steel plates (DSSs) .

Austenitic stainless steel refers to stainless steel with austenitic structure at normal temperature. When the steel contains about 18% Cr, 8% ~ 25% Ni and 0.1% C, it has stable austenite structure.

Martensitic stainless steel is a special type of stainless steel alloy containing 11%-17% chromium and 0.15%-0.63% carbon, which can be hardened and tempered by various aging/heat treatment methods.

Duplex stainless steel is a Cr-Ni-Mo-Fe alloy, which is usually optimized in proportion to balance the volume fraction of austenite and ferrite.


What's the difference between 3 types of stainless steel plates?

1.Austenitic stainless steel plate should be solution treated before use, so as to maximize the solution of carbide and other precipitated phases in the steel into austenite matrix, and at the same time, to homogenize the structure and eliminate stress, thus ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.Austenitic stainless steel plate can also be used to produce castings.

2.Martensitic stainless steel plate has high strength and corrosion resistance, and can be used for manufacturing and parts thereof such as blades of steam turbines, shafts and tie rods of steam equipment, and parts working in corrosive media such as valves and bolts, etc.

3.Duplex stainless steel plate refers to stainless steel with ferrite and austenite accounting for about 50% each, and generally, the content of less phases is at least 30%. When the content of C is low, the content of Cr is 18%~28%, and the content of Ni is 3%~10%.


What are the properties of 3 types of stainless steel plates?

1.Austenitic stainless steel plate is nonmagnetic and has high toughness and plasticity, but its strength is low, so it can not be strengthened by phase transformation, but can only be strengthened by cold working.

2.Martensitic stainless steel plate is a kind of stainless steel whose properties can be adjusted by heat treatment. Generally speaking, it is a kind of hardenable stainless steel.

3.The ferrite-austenite structure of duplex stainless steel plate has higher mechanical strength and better corrosion resistance than standard austenitic steel. This kind of steel has excellent performance and lower cost performance, and its application scope and market scope are expanding constantly.


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